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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    The Florida panther once occupied areas from Florida to Louisiana. It now lives only in the southwestern tip of Florida. What is the most likely cause of the decline of the Florida panther population?

    Competition for territory between panthers.

    The weakening of species due to inbreeding

    The loss of natural habitat due to human settlement.

    The increase in the population of white-tailed deer

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following describes a native population where there has been a decrease in the availability of food ?

    An extinct wolf population remains extinct in a local forest.

    A goldfish population that has fewer individuals than the prior year.

    A pigeon population that has the same number of offspring as the past two years.

    A frog population has more adults in a pond than when they were counted last year

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    A farmer wants to expand the family farm, but doesn't want to negatively affect the local red tail hawk population. The farmer knows the following about the red tail hawk. 1. They nest in the nearby forest in the tall parts of the trees. 2. They eat fish, rats, mice, rabbits, lizards and birds. 3. They hunt in open fields, plains, lakes and rivers. What choice below would have the largest negative impact on the red tail hawk population?

    Cut down the forest to plant a wheat field.

    Change the flow a nearby river to open up a field to plant corn

    Plant an apple orchard on part of an open field.

    Build a barn to park the tractor

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