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Which of the following is not a renewable energy source?

answer choices

Solar Power


Wind Power



What could you do to prevent traffic congestion? Select more than one.

answer choices.

answer choices

Pedestrianise parts of the city

Build more car parks

Launch a shared bike scheme

Improve access and quality of public transport.


Who is more likely to be behind the decisions and/or design of a city development? Select more than one.

answer choices

answer choices

Graphic Designer

Urban Town Planner

Marketing Manager

Civil Engineer

Interior Designer


What can you do to increase food production sustainably in your city? Select more than one.

answer choices.

answer choices

Build communal gardens on disused land or rooftops

Promote shopping locally

Invite pollinators to the city by creating green spaces.

Promote composting all food waste

All of the above


How can you invite pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and birds, to your city?

answer choices

Use harmful pesticides in food production

Create and protect mass green spaces such as living walls, rooftop gardens, parks, insect hotels, woodlands etc.

Demolish existing green spaces to make more room for housing and businesses.


Non -Renewable resources are those resources which:

answer choices

Are exhausted after use.

Are not exhausted after use.

Have unlimited supply.

None of the above.

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