SDGoal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
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SDGoal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

"My Water Footprint"

Water is a human right

Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are human rights, to which millions of people have their access denied. Lacking access stops people having an equal chance to be healthy, educated and financially secure. 


All people on earth have access to clean water...

answer choices



Water 4all

785 million people still don’t have clean water close to home and 2 billion don’t have a decent toilet of their own.


How many people do not have access to clean water?

answer choices

870 million

785 million

80 million

700 million


31% of schools don’t have clean water and 43% of hospitals, our best defense against COVID-19. Clean water and soap helps keep teachers, students and health workers safe. Protecting health workers protects us all.


Almost .... % of hospitals in developing countries do not have clean water.


The 17 SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States

(193 countries) in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by all ....... member countries of the United Nations in 2015.


The Global Goal 6 is a goal for...

answer choices

the planet

the prosperity

the people

Why SDG 6 is important?

Water is essential not only to health, but also to poverty reduction, food security, peace and human rights, ecosystems and education.

Water scarcity impacts people’s health and productivity and threatens sustainable development and biodiversity worldwide. Ensuring access to water and sanitation services is also a critical climate change mitigation strategy (SDG 13).


Water and climate change are not linked...

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Targets of Goal 6

  • access to safe and affordable drinking water for all

  • access to sanitation and hygiene for all

  • protect and restore water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes.

  • improve water quality by reducing pollution and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals


Which of the following is Global Goal 6?

answer choices

Which of the following are targets of Global Goal 6?

answer choices

Safe and affordable drinking water

Protection of mountains, forests and wetlands

Reduction of ocean pollution

Access to sanitation and hygiene

End over-fishing and illegal fishing

A lesson-quiz for SD Goal 6

& "My Water Footprint"

Stavroula Skiada & students of D2' class

8th Primary School of Nea Filadelfeia, Athens

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