Mission Twinpossible
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1. What is the biggest issue with sending astronauts to Mars?

answer choices

they could be too old to work after making the long journey

they could get sick from living together

their bodies could be injured during the landing

their health could be affected by spending a long time in space


2. What is one thing that Scott and Mark Kelly have in common?

answer choices

they both will set a single-mission record

they both want to take a future trip to Mars

they both have been to space in the past

they both will perform experiments in space


3. Why are Mark and Scott Kelly perfect for NASA's study?

answer choices

one twin has been on more missions than the other, so comparing them will help NASA determine the effects of space on the body

they have both been to space, so they have experienced identical physical changes to their bodies in the past

they are biologically identical and are the same age, so differences in their body during the next year will likely be caused by space

one twin has retired, so his body will likely show different physical changes than the twin who is still going to space


4. What do the details in the article suggest most clearly about life on the International Space Station?

answer choices

There is free time to do leisure activities

it is lonely because there is often no one to talk to

there is a high level of danger and stress

It is impossible to stay physically fit because of tight quarters


5. Which of the following is an example of an endurance test?

answer choices

taking a pop quiz about something you learned?

finishing a challenging physical fitness course

checking to see if the tires on your bike need air

conducting an experiment to see if an idea is correct


6. What is the meaning of the Latin root dur?

answer choices

to see

to take

to last

to carry


7. In the article which detail best supports the inference that the trip to the International Space Station is risky?

answer choices

Scott's brother is not joining him on the trip

The phone connection from the space station can be unpredictable

Scott will spend his days doing science experiments

People's bones get brittle and their sense of balance changes in space


8. Which sentence best states the central idea of the article?

answer choices

Mark and Scott Kelly have had many adventures in space during their lives.

NASA hopes to learn from Mark and Scott how long-term space travel affects health

NASA wonders whether going into space could have an effect on the human body.

Scott will spend a year on the International Space Station with various other astronauts


9. Which inference can you make based on the key details from the article?

answer choices

Russian cosmonauts have spent more time in space than American astronauts have

Other astronauts have a brother or sister who has also gone to space

Some astronauts who spend six months in space experience no physical changes

No American astronaut has ever been in space for a year


10. Based on information from the article, what is the goal of NASA's experiment?

answer choices

to separate the effects of aging from the effects of space

to determine why some people are better suited for space than others

to learn whether people with genetic illnesses can survive in space

to identify strategies that prevent astronauts' bodies from being damaged


11. who will join Scott on the International Space Station? Choose two options.

answer choices

his twin brother, Mark Kelly

NASA doctors and psychologists

program manager Mike Suffredini

a rotating group of crew members

Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko


12. What is the meaning of program manager?

answer choices

someone who writes code for computer software

someone who fixes machinery or other equipment

someone who is in charge of one or more projects

someone who funds research and experimentation


What is the main question NASA wants to answer through this mission?

answer choices

Are twins able to survive in space?

Do space affect living things?

Do human body change in space?

What are the long term effects of space on human body?

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