The Trinity
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    The Trinity

    An important Christian belief

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    Which of these three parts is the egg?

    The shell, white or yolk? Vote now!

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    Which part is the egg?

    no correct answer

    The shell

    The yolk (yellow bit)

    The white

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    Today's learning:

    • To know that many Christians believe in the concept of the Trinity

    • To understand the roles of the persons of the Trinity

    • To evaluate the use of images or symbols that might help to explain this belief

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    The Trinity

    • The Trinity is the central Christian belief about God as a Triune God – One God in three persons.

    • This is a unique belief to Christians, so we could say this belief is what makes a person a Christian (although not all Christians necessarily believe in the Trinity!)

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    What is the Trinity?

    Body text
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    What is God?

    What God is not!

  • Question 8
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    What does the Nicene Creed say about God the Father?

    answer choices


    born in Bethlehem

    maker of heaven and earth


    became human

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    God the Son: Jesus

    • He was incarnated (born) as a human to bring God’s message and to be sacrificed for humans.

    • His death as a sacrifice broke down a barrier between God and humans which was caused by the sins of humans.

    • He was resurrected (brought back to life) to show that death can be conquered, and people can go to heaven.

    • We can relate to God the Son as he was a human like us.

  • Question 10
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    In the Trinity, God the Son is called _______

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    God the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is the presence of God on earth. After Jesus' resurrection he went to heaven, he left behind the Holy Spirit as a comforter and guide.

    For Christians, this means they believe God is always with them.

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    What mistake have I made with this example?

    Can three aspects of who I am explain the Trinity?

  • Question 13
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    How many Gods do Christians worship?

    answer choices





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    Your task:

    • Create an illustration and explanation of the Trinity (What shape or symbol might help?)

    • You must explain each person of the Trinity and their role/job

    • How do they connect to one another?

    • Create this and put it in OneNote, with the page title The Trinity

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    God the Son is the most important part of the Trinity

    • Do you agree?

    • Explain your answer with reasons

    • Try to explain some arguments that oppose your opinion

    • Use full sentences and paragraphs, include as many ideas as you can!

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