Troy - Homer, Hittites, Archaeology


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    How did the Greeks gain favourable winds to sail to Troy?

    sacrificed Agamemnon's daughter to Poseidon

    sacrificed Agamemnon's daughter to Artemis

    the god Aeolus gave Odysseus a bag of winds

    the god Aeolus gave Agamemnon a bag of winds

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    What happened to Agamemnon when he returned home?

    killed by his wife and her lover

    killed by his wife and lover

    killed by his son

    celebrated with a feast

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    What were Bronze Age Mycenaean burial practices?

    burned on a pyre

    buried in a shaft tomb with gold masks and other high-status grave goods

    buried in huge chamber tombs with high status grave goods

    bodies were eaten by the family to take in the ancestors' wisdom

    sky burial: bodies were left out to be eaten by animals and birds

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