Well-defined Set
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Check the 3 items that shows a well-defined set

answer choices

A set of distinct letters of the word "PANDEMIC".

A group of odd numbers.

A set of small numbers

A collection of red automobiles

A set of all good books


Which of the following is an example of well-defined set?

answer choices

A collection of heart breaking Korean Drama.

Group of good school in Maasin City

A set of beautiful places

A set of Personal Protective Equipment for infection control.


The following are well-defined set EXCEPT.

answer choices

Group of Junior High School teachers in Maria Clara Integrated School.

Group of enjoyable subject in high school.

Group of Philippine Presidents from past to present.

Group of dry ingredients for Goldilocks Mocha Chiffon cake.


Which two sets shows a well-defined set?

answer choices

A group of mammal that lives in water.

A group of President.

A group of young people that lives in Barangay Maria Clara, Maasin City

A group of male animals that give birth.


Which of the set below is well-defined?

answer choices

A set of heroes.

A set of delicious food.

A set of fruits high in Vitamin C.

A set of soap that effectively whitens the skin.

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