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Q. 請選出正確的句子。
answer choices
I from Japan.
They are from UK.
He are from Canada.
We're from Taiwan.
Q. 請選出多餘的字: Nancy is from the Egypt.
answer choices
Q. 中翻英: 他們是從美國來的。
answer choices
They're in the USA.
They're from the USA.
I'm from the USA.
They're from the UK.
Q. 請選出正確的對話順序。 1. Where are you from? 2. No, I'm not. I'm from Egypt. 3. I'm from Greece. Are you from Greece, too?
answer choices
2, 3, 1
3, 1, 2
1, 3, 2
1, 2, 3
Q. ____ Billy from Canada?
answer choices
Q. A: ____ are you from? B: I'm from Taiwan.
answer choices
What time
Q. A: Are ____ from the USA? B: No. ____ from Canada.
answer choices
you, They're
you, You're
they, They're
they, We're
Q. A: Where are ____ from? B: ____ from the UK.
answer choices
you, You’re
they, We're
they, she's
you, We're
Q. A: ____ Cindy from Egypt? B: No, she ____. She's from Japan.
answer choices
Is, isn't
Does, isn't
Does, doesn't
Is, doesn't
Q. A: Is Ella from ____? B: No, she's not from Canada. She's from ____.
answer choices
Canada, Canada
Canada, the USA
the UK, Canada
the USA, the UK
Q. A: Are you from Italy? B: __________
answer choices
Yes, I do.
No, he isn't.
Yes, we are.
No, we don't.
Q. A: Where is Lisa from? B: __________
answer choices
I'm from Canada.
She likes Japan.
She's going to the USA.
She's from Italy.
Q. A: Where is Andy? B: __________
answer choices
He's at the market.
He's from Egypt.
He's my father.
He's from the past.
Q. A: Can you read it? B: No, I can't. __________
answer choices
I could eat a horse!
It's all Greek to me.
I'm from Greece.
I like Greece.
Q. A: Excuse me. Where is the market? B: __________
answer choices
You're so nice.
It's time to work.
It's over there.
He’s still at the market.
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