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    Read the passage and answer the following questions

    The window offered a view of the house opposite. The two families did not speak to each other because of a property dispute. One day, Ruchira's textbooks lay untouched as the young girl's gaze was on the happenings in the house opposite. There were two new faces in the neighbouring household – that of an elderly widow and a girls aged sixteen. Some times the elderly lady would sit by the window, doing the young girl's hair. On other days she was absent.

    The new young neighbour's daily routine could be seen through the window – she cleaned the rice paddy; split nuts, put the cushions in the sun to air them. In the afternoons while the men were all at world some of the women slept and others played cards. The girl sat on the terrace and read. Sometimes she wrote. One day there was hindrance. She was writing when the elderly woman snatched the unfinished letter from her hands. Thereafter the girl was not to be seen on the terrace. Sometimes during the day sounds came from the house indicating that a massive argument was going on inside.

    A few days passed. One evening Ruchira noticed the girl standing on the terrace in tears. The evening prayer was in progress. As she did daily, the girl bowed several times in prayer. Then she went downstairs.

    That night Ruchira wrote a letter. She went out and posted it that very instant. But as she lay in bed that night, she prayed fervently that her offer of friendship wouldn't reach its destination. Ruchira then left for Madhupur and returned when it was time for college to start. She found the house opposite in darkness, locked. They had left.

    When she stepped into her room she found the desk piled with letters – one had a local stamp on it with her name and address in unfamiliar handwriting. She quickly read it. They continued to write to each other for the next twenty years.

    1. Why did Ruchira write a letter to her new neighbour?

    (1) She wanted to offer her, her help.

    (2) She wanted to be friends with her.

    (3) To apologize for her family's behaviour towards her family.

    (4) To encourage her to continue learning to read and write.

    (5) None of these

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    2. Which of the following can be said about Ruchira?

    (1) She used to spy on her neighbours because she didn't trust them.

    (2) She was at home because she was studying.

    (3) She did not speak to her neighbours because they did not own property.

    (1) None

    (2) Only (2)

    (3) Both (1) & (2)

    (4) Only (3)

    (5) All of these

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    3. How did the new young neighbour spend her days?

    (1) She was busy writing letters to Ruchira

    (2) She used to daydream about her past experiences.

    (3) She would attend to the needs of the widow.

    (4) She spent her time learning to read and write

    (5) None of these

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