The Romance of a Busy Broker


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    Quote the instances of foreshadowing in The Romance of a Busy Broker.

    “Pitcher still mildly curious, noticed a difference in her ways this morning”…

    “Tears starts welling up in Miss Leslie’s eyes after being told by Mr. Maxwell that he loves her and wants her hand in marriage”

    "... and not a single picture of a hat or pineapple gum has appeared".

    " the silver heart left the office".

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    Setting of "The Romance of Busy Broker"

    New York City

    Greens Borough


    Washington DC

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    Instances of the use of simile in "The Romance of a Busy Broker"

    "his open letters are laid like a pile of stage snow in a solid desk,"

    "employees in the office jump around like a sailor in a storm",

    "orders for buying and selling come and go as fast as the flight swallows

    no longer a man; it is a busy New York broker, driven by buzzing wheels and springs that don’t curl"

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