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  • 1. Multiple-choice
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    Select the correct Agile values.

    Come up front and explain it briefly.

    Empathy, Respect, Impact, Courage and Trust

    Innovation, Trust, Energy, Empathy, Respect

    Respect, Courage, Trust, Empathy and Openness

    Agility, Appreciation, Assertiveness, Competence and Endurance

  • 2. Multiple-choice
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    Two types of metric areas towards measuring an Agile Workforce are:

    Agile Innovation Metrics and Agile Mood Metrics

    Agile Continuous Improvement Metrics and Agile Governance Metrics

    Agile Education Metrics and Agile Team Morale Metrics

    Agile Client Satisfaction Metrics and Agile Utilization Metrics

  • 3. Multiple-choice
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    What is a servant leader?

    A leader that plans tasks, drives decisions, follows up on it and controls the operation

    A leader that drives others, gives approvals, knows how it is done.

    A leader that cultivates a culture of trust, values diverse opinions, develops other leaders, focus on people

    Leader with focus on the organization and getting the followers commitment towards organizational objectives

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