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    What does asset mean?

    Items of monetary value owned by an individual or business.

    Spreading out your investments among various asset categories such as cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

    The interest rate you pay over the course of one year for some form of credit.

    A company’s report about its financial performance and activities from the previous year.

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    What is an audit?

    An inspection of a company’s or individual’s financial accounts.

    The sum of the outstanding balances on a credit account each day during a billing cycle, divided by the number of days in the billing cycle.

    The amount available in an asset account, or the amount owed on outstanding debt.

    A loan in which only interest payments are paid over the duration of the loan, and the principal is due upon maturity.

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    What does bankruptcy mean?

    Legal process in which a debtor seeks relief from the money they owe and cannot payback.

    The act of exchanging one item or service for a different good or service.

    A fund with investments in both stocks and bonds, focused on achieving both long-term growth and income.

    A group of investments with similar characteristics and behaviors in the marketplace.

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