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Key Stage 3 - Design Technology & Photograpy


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    What is a Tri-Square used for?

    To mark an accurate line, at any angle on a piece of material.

    Used to mark a line on any surface.

    To be used when a 90° angle is needed to be marked on a straight edged piece of material.

    Is a mathematical tool that is used just in Woodworking.

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    What is the purpose of a Coping Saw?

    To be used when cutting both straight and curved lines in different materials.

    To be used in the cutting of straight lines in wooden materials.

    A measuring aid used in crafting to create a curved line on a surface.

    A form of ruler that is used when setting up a saw blade in a machine.

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    When creating a box that has six identical sides, what is the angle required for the cut of each to create a perfectly mitred joint?

     3606 ÷  2  = ANS\frac{360}{6}\ \div\ \ 2\ \ =\ ANS  





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