Social Studies



Unrest in the Colonies


15 questions

  • 1. Multiple Choice
    20 seconds
    1 pt

    Which of the following statements would you have most likely heard from a loyalist during colonial times?

    "I will not pay the tax on tea."

    "I don't think the Stamp Act is fair!"

    I will pay any tax that the King wants me to."

    "I do not want to provide food and shelter to British soldiers."

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    20 seconds
    1 pt

    After King George III placed a tax on tea, many of the colonists decided to organize a boycott of tea. Which of the following gives the best definition of the word boycott?

    A group of people who decide to purchase as much of an item as possible.

    A group of people who trade with another group of people.

    A group of people who throw out a certain item they use.

    A group of people who stop purchasing a certain item.

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    What happened as a result of the French and Indian War?

    The French were forced to give up their land in Canada to Great Britain (England).

    The Native Americans gained control of the colonies.

    The British were forced to move back towards Canada.

    The French and the British became allies.

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