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Edge B cluster 2.3 Lit Analysis/Comprehension


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    What is the author’s main purpose for writing this essay?

    to explain what slam is and where it came from

    to persuade readers to enter a slam competition

    to entertain readers with examples of oral poetry

    to question whether slam is as valuable as other kinds of poetry

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    Why does the author include quotes from journalists and theater critics?

    to make the essay seem like fiction

    to show that slam is being taken seriously

    to provide opinions that are different from hers

    to hint that slam is known only to a select group

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    The author talks about Shakespeare and the Beat poets to show that

    she likes all kinds of poetry.

    poets have always liked to slam.

    slam is related to earlier forms of poetry.

    the best poetry throughout history uses rhyme.

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