Heat and Matter


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  • 1. Multiple-choice
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    Temperature is not a direct measure of the thermal energy of a system. The total thermal energy of a system depends on its temperature and what other factors?

    The temperature of the system's environmental and its location in that environment.

    The number of atoms in the system and conductivity of the material.

    The boiling points and freezing points of the elements that make up the substances in the system.

    The number of atoms in the system and their molecular weights.

  • 2. Multiple-choice
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    What happens to water molecules when a large quantity of thermal energy is added to water in the liquid state?

    Each molecule gives up kinetic energy and eventually stops moving.

    The more thermal energy added, the greater the attraction between molecules.

    The water molecules become more packed close together, and their temperature increase.

    The molecules gain kinetic energy, more farther apart, and become a gas.

  • 3. Multiple-choice
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    In science, the term "heat" can be used to describe...

    The transfer of thermal energy from one object to another.

    The average kinetic energy of the system as a whole.

    The motion of atoms or molecules within a substance.

    The average temperature of a system over time.

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