The Harvest Birds
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What was Juan Zenate's dream?

answer choices

To sit under his favorite tree when he grew older

To have his own land like his father and grandfather

To sell his land and make a lot of money

To go into business with his brothers


What happened when the land was divided?

answer choices

The land wasn't good for farming.

Juan didn't want to plant anything.

Juan's brothers bought his land from him.

There was only enough for his two brothers.


Based on what you've read, how would you describe Juan Zenate?

answer choices

He is selfish and greedy

He enjoys sitting under his favorite tree watching the zenate birds

He loves to watch other people work.

He is determined, hardworking, and wants to be outdoors.


What is Juan's solution to his problem of having no land?

answer choices

He will buy the land his brothers now own.

He will find some of his own and start planting.

He will ask to borrow some to plant his crops.

He will find something else to do.


What is the deal Grandpa Chon makes with Juan?

answer choices

If Juan fails to grow crops on the land he borrow,s Juan will work for Grandpa Chon for free for was many days as he's used his land.

Juan must give Grandpa Chon a portion of the money he makess on the crops he grows.

Grandpa Chon will take care of the zenate birds while Juan works .

Juan must give the land back to Grandpa Chon at the end of the harvest season.


What happened when Juan went into town excited about his good news.

answer choices

Many people offered to help Juan work his land

The zenates laughed at him.

He forgot what he wanted to do.

People laughed at him and said he should just work for them.


How did Juan get the seeds he needed to plant?

answer choices

He bought them from the local shop.

He was allowed to take some seeds after sweeping them up off the floor.

He climbed the beanstalk to get some.

He stole them from the baker.


Why are the birds important to Juan?

answer choices

They were like his pets that he could feed.

The were his friends and he cared for them very much.

They loved to sit in his hat.

Juan always wanted a pet.


Juan doesn't always follow the advice other people give him. So, why does he follow Grajo's advice?

answer choices

Grajo is his friend and wants to hel;p him,

Grajo knows how to farm land.

Grajo wants to eat the fruit after the harvest is done.

Grajo is serious and Juan likes serious people.


How do the townspeople change at the end of the story?

answer choices

First they laughed him, and now they want to buy his land.

First they thought he was wise, but now they think he is silly.

First they laughed at him, but now they want him to work their land.

First they wanted to work for him, and now they think he's foolish.


What is one lesson of the folktale?

answer choices

Sometimes people will laugh at you.

You have to work hard to make your dreams come true.

If people laugh at you, you must have done something foolish.

Life isn't fair.

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