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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    Why is an astronaut in space considered "weightless"?

    Their mass is so small compared to the Earth that gravity doesn't affect them.

    Gravitational force decreases over long distances.

    Gravitational force pushes objects away from each other at long distances

    Objects far from Earth have less mass.

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following claims is supported by the data above?

    Gravitational force is not affected by mass.

    Gravitational forces are strongest between objects with the same mass.

    Gravitational forces are related to the mass of objects.

    Gravitational forces are weaker when one object has more mass than the other.

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following affects the gravitational force between the Earth and the Sun?

    the Earth's mass

    the Sun's mass

    the distance between the Earth and Sun

    the mass of the objects and the distance between them

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