Declaration of Independence
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  • Question 1
    45 seconds
    Q. The List of Grievances were the part of the Declaration that
    answer choices
    detailed the colonists' complaints with King George.
    listed a man's natural rights.
    introduced the Declaration.
    concluded the Declaration, declaring America a free country.
  • Question 2
    45 seconds
    Q. What is the connection between natural rights and government? 
    answer choices
    government is meant to provide services 
    people have the right to alter government 
    people have certain unalienable rights
    government is meant to protect rights
  • Question 3
    45 seconds

    What did the Colonists do after the Stamp Act?

    answer choices

    Boycott British goods

    Made their own goods

    Decided they didn't need goods

    Stopped paying all of their taxes

  • Question 4
    45 seconds

    What are unalienable rights?

    answer choices

    Rights that government cannot take away

    Rights that government takes away

    rights for aliens

    Government is needed to promote equality

  • Question 5
    45 seconds

    Forced colonists to give shelter (house) to British soldiers

    answer choices

    Sugar Act

    Townshend Act

    Quartering Act

    Housing Act

  • Question 6
    45 seconds
    Q. What are the three inalienable rights that all people have?
    answer choices
    Food, Shelter, and Clothing
    Life, Liberty and Death
    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Question 7
    45 seconds
    Q. According to the Declaration,  what causes a government to be just? 
    answer choices
    powerful institutions
    a Bill of Rights 
    ease of altering 
    Consent of the people being governed
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. What two acts did the British Parliament make that put very high taxes on paper and sugar?
    answer choices
    Stamp Act and Sugar Act 
    Tea Act and Trade Act
    Cookie Act and Cake Act
    Letter Act and Molasses Act
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. Which came first?
    answer choices
    the beginning of the American Revolution
    the Declaration of Independence
  • Question 10
    45 seconds
    Q. From whom did the signers of the Declaration of Independence receive their authority to declare independence? 
    answer choices
    From the King of England
    From the European nations. 
    From the people of the American colonies.
    They needed no authority.
  • Question 11
    60 seconds
    Q. How could the British have prevented the American Revolution? 
    answer choices
    By forcing King George III to give up the throne  
    By overruling the decisions of the colonial legislatures 
    By increasing taxes on the colonists 
    By allowing colonists to elect representatives to Parliament
  • Question 12
    60 seconds
    answer choices

    The colonial theory of government

    The colonial theory of government

    Grievances of the colonists against Britain

    False rumors spread by colonial newspapers

  • Question 13
    30 seconds

    The Declaration of Independence is most like a what?

    answer choices

    Love Letter


    Break-up letter


  • Question 14
    120 seconds

    What is the purpose of the following lines from the declaration?

    "He has dissolved our legislative assemblies"

    “ He has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies ” “For imposing taxes on us without consent”

    “ For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury”

    answer choices

    To justify independence by giving examples of complaints about rights violated by King George and the British government

    To give examples of complaints against the American government, asking King George III to fix them

    To request that the king protect certain rights and complain about rights that colonists didn't have

  • Question 15
    20 seconds

    Why were the colonists being taxed so heavily?

    answer choices

    To pay for the French and Indian War

    Because the King felt like it

    Because they wanted a revolution

    They owed a lot of money to China

  • Question 16
    30 seconds

    An effect of the French and Indian War

    answer choices

    Quartering Act

    Colonists taxed to pay for the war

    Boycott of imported goods

    Boston Tea Party

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