Marketing 1.06 2019
a month ago
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  • Question 1
    180 seconds

    What is one way that businesses use marketing information?

    answer choices

    To develop new products

    To determine credit scores

    To change economic trends

    To prepare sales invoices

  • Question 2
    180 seconds

    What factor does a business consider when it needs to make decisions about when to develop new products or when to change prices?

    answer choices

    Marketing information

    Promotional research

    Advertising data

    Selling procedures

  • Question 3
    180 seconds

    Which of the following is a type of internal marketing information:

    answer choices

    Sales reports

    Government databases

    Public records

    Industry journals

  • Question 4
    180 seconds

    Which of the following is a type of external marketing information that helps businesses make decisions:

    answer choices

    Demographic trends

    Purchasing records

    Customer databases

    Sales predictions

  • Question 5
    180 seconds

    Why do businesses need to obtain marketing information?

    answer choices

    To learn about customers

    To prepare research reports

    To determine cash flow

    To analyze current trends

  • Question 6
    180 seconds

    What does continuously monitoring internal marketing information enable businesses to do?

    answer choices

    Identify problems

    Investigate competitors

    Evaluate market share

    Analyze economic changes

  • Question 7
    180 seconds

    One of the advantages of obtaining and using marketing information is that it helps business managers to

    answer choices

    predict and control risks.

    prepare documents and reports.

    train and direct employees.

    review and understand regulations.

  • Question 8
    180 seconds

    What marketing function is concerned with obtaining information about the preferences, opinions, habits, trends, and plans of current and potential customers?

    answer choices

    Marketing-information management

    Product/Service management



  • Question 9
    180 seconds

    XYZ Company is interested in developing, producing, and selling a new product. Before it does so, the company spends six months conducting marketing research. What are the primary advantages of this course of action?

    answer choices

    To determine customer preferences and minimize losses

    To increase costs and determine consumer dislikes

    To predict trends and provide information to customers

    To delay the production process and increase labor costs

  • Question 10
    180 seconds

    Determine whether the following statement is true or false: Businesses engage in marketing-information management only to assist in the development of new products and the identification of new customers.

    answer choices

    False, it also helps companies keep track of current products and markets.

    False, marketing-information management is only used for advertising purposes.

    True, additional research is not needed when a product or company is successful.

    True, research is too costly to conduct on products that have already been introduced.

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