World Climate Patterns
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  • Question 1
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    What is a biome?

    answer choices

    A major type of ecological community mainly defined by distinctive natural vegetation and animal groups

    A specific type of climate found in or near low latitudes in areas otherwise referred to as the Tropics

    A region that receives continual rainfall which strips the soil of its nutrients but contributes to thick vegetation

    Plant life that grows in a certain area if people have not changed the natural environment

  • Question 2
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    Which of the following describes an example of a tropical wet climate?

    answer choices

    Wet and dry seasons and high year-round temperatures

    Warm summers with heavy rain, and harshly cold winters

    Hot and dry conditions with a small amount of plant and animal life

    Warm, humid air with an average daily temperature of 80°

  • Question 3
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    How do geographers distinguish between types of dry climates?

    answer choices

    The average daily temperatures in each

    The proximity of each to the Equator

    The amount of rainfall and vegetation in each

    The geographical location of each

  • Question 4
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    Which of the following best describes conditions found in a high-latitude climate zone?

    answer choices

    mild, rainy winters; warm, dry summers

    year-round freezing temperatures and limited vegetation

    direct sunlight year-round with long summers, but cool temperatures

    cool summers and winters with abundant rainfall

  • Question 5
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    Which of the following is not a temperate climate region in a midlatitude climate?

    answer choices

    humid subtropical

    marine west coast



  • Question 6
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    Which of the following statements accurately states the relationship between latitude and vegetation?

    answer choices

    Vegetation decreases as one moves toward higher latitudes.

    Vegetation decreases as one moves toward lower latitudes.

    Vegetation increases as one moves toward higher latitudes.

    Changes in latitude have very little effect on the amount of vegetation.

  • Question 7
    300 seconds

    What keeps humidity levels high in a humid subtropical climate?

    answer choices

    Ocean winds that bring cool summers and wet winters

    The proximity between about 30°N and 60°N and 30°S and 60°S latitude

    Wind patterns and high pressure from nearby oceans

    The varying temperature ranges from winter to summer by 120° F (49°C)

  • Question 8
    300 seconds

    What can be found in marine west coast climates?

    answer choices

    Permanently frozen subsoil known as permafrost.

    Limited vegetation with short grasses, mosses, and lichens.

    Primarily dry regions with an occasional oasis.

    Mixed forests, which have both coniferous and deciduous trees.

  • Question 9
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    Which of the following regions experience a mostly Mediterranean climate?

    answer choices

    The southeastern United States, inland Brazil, China, and India

    Coastal regions of Greece, Italy, France, and Spain

    The southern coast of Chile, the British Isles, and the Pacific Coast of North America.

    Regions with high levels of humidity

  • Question 10
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    What factors naturally and predictably affect Earth's cycles of cooling and warming?

    answer choices

    Increased cloud cover

    Fewer forests

    Greenhouse gas emissions

    Factors such as solar flares and volcanic activity

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