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  • 1. Multiple-choice
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    Imani is investigating soil erosion (the process of soil being removed from an area). They want to know if adding more plants will affect soil erosion. They set up models of two areas: a well planted area and an area with no plants. Imani then poured water through each to see how much soil was washed away in each model. Finally, after the water is poured through the model Imain observes if the water that leaves the model is clear or muddy with soil that was eroded.

    What is a limitation of this model?

    It will not show how plants affect soil erosion in an area.

    It can’t be used for scientific observation because it is too simple

    It is impossible to determine how much soil erosion occured in each model.

    It does not show what would happen in a larger area with more water and bigger plants.

  • 2. Multiple-choice
    5 minutes
    1 pt

    Joel and Rashad are trying to investigate the speed of sound. They each conduct and experiment independently. Their data and conclusions are shown below.

    Which statement below accurately describes the results of Joel and Rashad?

    Joel’s experimental results were more accurate than Rashad’s since he had more trials than Rashad’s experiment.

    Joel’s experimental results and Rashad’s experimental results were both invalidated since their results were very different.

    Joel’s experiment determined the speed of sound in air and Rashad’s experiment results determined the speed of sound in water.

    Joel’s experimental results and Rashad’s experimental results were not able to determine the speed of sound anywhere since each trial was at a different temperature.

  • 3. Multiple-choice
    5 minutes
    1 pt

    The graph below shows the energy usage each month for a home in Florida during 2019.

    Which statement best explains the energy usage in Florida during 2019?

    The kilowatt hours decrease throughout the year.

    The kilowatt-hours increase from April to August and then they decrease until December.

    The kilowatt hours increase from the beginning of the year until August and then they decrease.

    The kilowatt hours decrease from January to April and then increase until the end of the year.

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