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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    1.Nina : “ ……… about Yogyakarta ?”

    Ina : “Hm..m.. I think It’s not too big. But, not too small either and most of the people are friendly.”

    What do you like

    What do you think

    How do you like

    Why don’t you like

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    Sumi : Do you like hard rock?

    Roky : I fond of it. World is rocking with it. How about you?

    Sumi : I hate very much. It make me dizzy.

    What did Sumi and Roky feel about hard rock music?

    Sumi love it but Roky doesn’t

    Sumi hate it but Roky like it

    Both of them hate it

    Both Sumi and Roky like it

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    Bandung, 2nd September 2014

    We are honored to invite you to attend our 10th wedding anniversary at:

    Place : Ballroom Hotel Savoy Homan

    Date : Sunday, September 6th 2014

    Dress code : party dress for ladies, tuxedo for gentlemen

    It is a great expectation for us to have you as our guests.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Ronny and Astri

    What kind of invitation is the text above?

    Birthday party invitation

    Wedding party invitation

    Wedding anniversary party

    Graduation party

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