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    The number of pythons found throughout Everglades National Park has increased in recent years. These huge snakes are not native to Florida and are believed to have been released into the wild by pet owners. Wildlife biologists have initiated attempts to capture and remove these pythons. Which statement best explains the biologists’ reason for removing these pythons from the Everglades?

    The pythons could upset the territorial boundaries of native organisms.

    The pythons could adapt to overcome diseases common to native snakes.

    The pythons could prey on native organisms and cause native populations to decline.

    The pythons could begin to interbreed with native snakes and produce a more successful species.

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following statements account for the change in population seen between years 7 and 8?

    The birth rate of the pigeons increased.

    The emigration rate of the pigeons decreased.

    The death rate of the pigeons exceeded the birth rate.

    The neighborhood reached its carrying capacity for the pigeon population

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    A new species of snake was introduced to a tropical region. Scientists then noticed a steady decline in the presence of field mice and an increase in the number of snakes. Which of these is the most likely explanation about why the population size of each animal changed?

    The snakes introduced to the region dominated the habitat, forcing the mice to find another place to live.

    The mice became prey to the introduced snakes, allowing the snake population to increase but decreasing the mice population.

    The snakes introduced to the region competed with the mice for food, allowing the snake population to increase but decreasing the mice population.

    The people in the surrounding area set traps that killed the mice, allowing the snakes to live without any predators and therefore to increase in number.

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