Making Inferences and Summarizing
6 months ago
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  • Question 1
    300 seconds
    Q. Braedon sat in the empty classroom and stared at the floor. It was 4:30pm and school had been over for half an hour, but he still had to sit there. He could over hear his teacher talking to the principal in the hallway about what had happened during class. He put his head in his hands and sighed.
    What may the reader best infer from the passage?
    answer choices
    The principal and the teacher are making fun of Braedon.
    Braedon is in detention because he had acted out in class.
    The teacher is getting paid extra to oversee detention.
    Braedon is proud of his poor behavior.
  • Question 2
    300 seconds
    Q. Jessica's favorite part about the weekend was going to Rockin' Records with her friends. Rockin' Records was the local music store just down the road from her house. On weekend afternoons, Jessica and her friends would walk down to the store to shop for new music.
    What may the reader conclude about Jessica's friends?
    answer choices
    They like music.
    They like to exercise by walking places.
    They do what Jessica tells them to do.
    They live far away and drive to the store.
  • Question 3
    300 seconds
    Q. When Tommy came back into the kitchen, Katie and her farther were still cleaning up from lunch. "Dad," said Tommy, "do you know where I can find the-" He trailed off, realizing that he couldn't mention wrapping paper. He would give the surprise away, and Tommy would hate to ruin the surprise before he had to.
    What will the speaker most likely do next?
    answer choices
    Ask Katie for the wrapping paper.
    Ask Dad to find he wrapping paper.
    Not wrap the presents.
    Go an search for the wrapping paper by himself.
  • Question 4
    300 seconds
    Q. His mother understood then how Tyerell felt just by looking at him. She saw that he wanted to stay in the house forever because of all the memories he had at this old place. They still had to leave, but she wanted to help her son feel better about what was going to happen in a few days.
    The author assumes the reader most likely knows-
    answer choices
    Tyerell is too sentimental and needs to get over it.
    Tyerell & his mom are moving.
    Tyerell's mom is making her son upset on purpose.
    Tyerell & his mom are going on vacation.
  • Question 5
    300 seconds
    Q. I am now here to stay. Hateful divisions caused by the caste system force me to fight for the rights of all Indians in my homeland. The "untouchables," especially, are being denied their basic human rights. This cannot be tolerated.
              -The Journals of Mahatma Gandhi, India, 1915
    What problem does Gandi face?
    answer choices
    The violation of human rights.
    Defending people who don't deserve to be defended.
    The caste system working according to plan.
    Having been away from India too long and allowed things to get out of control.
  • Question 6
    300 seconds
    Q. Daylight Savings time refers to the practice of setting our clocks an hour forward in the spring and back in the fall to maximize the amount of sunshine during our waking hours. Ben Franklin came up with the plan to "save" daylight by turning the clocks an hour ahead, thus bring our waking hours into closer harmony with daylight.
    What may the read conclude about Ben Franklin?
    answer choices
    He liked to make people sleepy.
    He is hated for his daylight savings idea.
    He wanted people to increase their productivity.
    He owned many clocks.
  • Question 7
    300 seconds
    Q. You could say that bears are everywhere, but that's not true. They aren't native to Australia or Africa. You may think that the koala is a bear, but it is not a bear at all. Like the kangaroo, the koala, is a marsupial that has a pouch to carry its young.
    The author refers to kangaroos most likely because-
    answer choices
    People know what koalas look like.
    More people are familiar with kangaroos being marsupials.
    Australia has many different animals.
    Koalas are oddly shaped kangaroos.
  • Question 8
    300 seconds
    Q. Before the 1800's people didn't have right or left shoes.  They had shoes of just one shape that they used for both feet.  When people first saw right and left shoes, they laughed.  They called them "crooked shoes."  "What a silly idea," they said.  You can tell that shoes before 1800:
    answer choices
    were pretty
    didn't look alike
    didn't fit very well
  • Question 9
    300 seconds

    Many breeds of dogs are used for work. In many cultures dogs are used to herd sheep. The dogs keep the flock from being attacked by animals such as wolves. They also keep sheep from wandering off. Sheepdogs are known for their loyalty and gentleness. Based on your reading of the text, you can INFER that:

    answer choices

    Sheepdogs are not very smart dogs.

    Sheepdogs are gentle and loyal.

    There are many breeds of dogs.

    Wolves are afraid of sheepdogs.

  • Question 10
    300 seconds
    Q. What does Inference mean?
    answer choices
    finding details in a story
    Use clues and what you already know to come up with an idea
    Giving a reason for your answer
    Using what I know
  • Question 11
    300 seconds
    Q. It was raining outside. Sue got out of bed and got dressed for school. Then, she ate breakfast and grabbed her backpack.  Before Sue left the house, she probably ___________________.
    answer choices
    got her sunglasses
    made a sandwich
    picked up her umbrella
    put on sandals
  • Question 12
    300 seconds
    Q. Water from California’s northern mountains is pumped south along a 400-mile canal through the farming communities of the Central Valley. Not only is this canal system a marvel of modern engineering, its water fuels the state’s economic engine. In 2006, these farms produced $31 billion-worth of food and fiber, more than any other state. By contrast, world-wide ticket sales of Hollywood movies, a more famous export of California, totaled $25 billion that year.
    What inference can the reader make from this paragraph?
    answer choices
    The author thinks it is more important to eat than go to movies.
    Water is a precious resource and shouldn't be wasted on making movies.
    The writer thinks moving water to the Central Valley is a good investment.
    The movie industry is more important to California than farming.
  • Question 13
    300 seconds
    Q. The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis has been postponed while NASA evaluates a problem with the new robot arm on space station Alpha. The arm will be used to carry out the installation of a new U.S.-built airlock on the space station.

    What can you infer from this paragraph? 
    answer choices
    The robot space arm is critical to the space shuttle's mission.
    The robot arm was poorly constructed.
    The space shuttle experiences frequent launch delays.
    The space program is very expensive.
  • Question 14
    300 seconds
    Q. Chip grabbed a bagel on his way out the door. "See you this afternoon," he yelled to his dad, who was getting ready to go to work.
     "Got everything you need?" his dad asked.   "Yep, it's all in here," Chip said, pointing to his backpack.   "Good luck on that English test," his dad said.   "I'll need it!"

    Where is Chip going? 
    answer choices
    to his friend's house
    to band practice
    to school
    to the library
  • Question 15
    300 seconds
    Q. Jill couldn't believe it was only June 15th. All of her friends from school had taken summer jobs, she didn't have brothers or sisters, and after a couple of weeks, television made a very poor companion. She had already finished three books and started a fourth, a great mystery that only made her more desperate to have something to do. Jill decided it was time for her to find something to do.

    Which of the following can you infer from the passage above? 
    answer choices
    Jill will be bored for the rest of the summer.
    Jill is a very lazy person.
    Jill will look for a job.
    Jill hates the summers.
  • Question 16
    300 seconds
    Q. I love to go into my sister's room. On her shelf she has shiny trophies—gold and silver, tall and short, skinny and wide. All of the trophies have athletes on top swinging golf clubs. My favorite trophy is one that is as tall as my arm is long. "City Champion 2001" it says on its engraved front. It is beautiful and impressive!
    What inference can the reader draw based on the information in the passage? 
    answer choices
    The person relating the passage is a younger sister.
    The sister is a very good golfer.
    The person relating the passage plays golf also.
    The sister is a professional golfer.
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