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  • 1. Multiple-choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    which of the following statements BEST describes the goals of supplier Management?

    1. To ensure that underpinning contracts and agreements with suppliers are aligned to business needs and managed though their lifecycle.

    2. To manage relationships with suppliers.

    3. To ensure that the information security risks are appropriately managed and enterprise information resources are used responsibly.

    4. To maintain a supplier policy and a supporting supplier and contract database.

    1 only

    1 and 2 only

    1,2 and 3 only

    All of the above

  • 2. Multiple-choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    Which of the following activities BEST help and organization managing developing Service Management as a strategic asset?

    1. Identification of critical services across the Service Portfolio for a given customer of market space. 2.Establishment of the right mix of service to offer to customers.

    3. Tagging all service assets with the name of the service to which they add service potential.

    4. Creation of diagnostic scripts for diagnosis of incidents.

    1 only

    1 and 2 only

    1, 2 and 3 only

    All of above

  • 3. Multiple-choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    A key role for Service Operations is to achieve a balance between conflicting sets of priorities. A fundamental conflict exits between IT as a set of technology components on one side and:

    the view in which the organization focuses only on business requirements and the service delivered

    the ability to respond to change without impacting on other services

    a strong focus on delivering quality

    proactive behavior on the other side

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