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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following statements about SUMMARIZING is true?
    The Summary is a thought that is true but is not in the passage.
    The Summary is what the passage is mostly about.
     The Summary is specific, detailed information contained in the passage.
    The Summary is always found in the first sentence of the passage.
  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    San Francisco is located on the coast of California in an area often called the Bay Area. The weather is generally very mild, seldom getting really cold or really hot. Its mild climate is one reason many people live there. It seldom snows in San Francisco and generally does not get below freezing during the winter. Even in the middle of summer, temperatures may be in the mid 80s with a cool breeze from the bay keeping the weather very comfortable.
    The Summary of this passage is:
    San Francisco has many neat things to do.
     It seldom snows in California.
     Many people choose to live in California.
     The weather in San Francisco is generally very mild.
  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    Julie watched the ants as they carried small crumbs down the trail to the anthill. She thinks ants are very hard working and industrious little creatures. They always seemed busy, and you never saw an ant just laying around doing nothing. They were carrying food, building tunnels, or defending the anthill. One thing you could say about ants is that they sure aren't lazy.
    The Summary of this passage is:
    Ants carry many things.
    Some ants may bite you.
    Ants are hard workers.
    Some ants help take care of the queen.
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