Historical Fiction
8 months ago
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  • Question 1
    60 seconds
    Q. True or False: The main characters in historical fiction stories are REAL.
    answer choices
    True- the characters really existed
    False- the characters are made up by the author's imagination
  • Question 2
    60 seconds

    A character or situation that creates problems for the main character during the story

    answer choices

    A. Dynamic character

    B. Static character

    C. Protagonist

    D. Antagonist

  • Question 3
    60 seconds

    The author develops the character's personality through

    answer choices

    A. theme

    B. setting

    C. characterization

    D. onomatopoeia

  • Question 4
    60 seconds

    Conversation between characters in a story

    answer choices

    A. Sensory language

    B. Dialogue

    C. Historical fiction

    D. Foreshadowing

  • Question 5
    60 seconds
    Q. Which best describes what historical fiction is?
    answer choices
    a story set in the future with made up characters
    a story that contains a mystery to be solved with lots of suspense
    a story set in the past with made up characters
    a story with ghosts in it
  • Question 6
    60 seconds
    Q. What are some examples of historical fiction?
    answer choices
    Charlie Brown
    I survived the "Sinking of the Titanic-1912"
    Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham
    Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians
  • Question 7
    60 seconds
    Q. What does a context clue help you find?
    answer choices
    A summary of the passage
    The main idea of the sentence
    The problem in the story
    The meaning of an unknown word
  • Question 8
    60 seconds
    Q. Which point of view is the following:
    "There is one mirror in my house. It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair."
    from Divergent by Veronica Roth
    answer choices
    third person
  • Question 9
    60 seconds
    Q. What point of view is the following:
    Cathy leaned into her computer screen with big eyes. She couldn't believe it- she had finally gotten a 100 on her math test! She knew her parents would be proud of her.
    answer choices
    First person
    Third person 
  • Question 10
    120 seconds
    Q. Which of the following is an example of indirect characterization?
    answer choices
    Marcia was a good listener and wonderful friend.
    Marcia felt the knot in her stomach grow when she saw the number of questions on the test, and she tugged her hair anxiously. 
    Marcia was a nervous person.
    Marcia was an optimist who always believed the best about people.
  • Question 11
    60 seconds
    Q. If the author shows you what the character is like and you have to infer, that is
    answer choices
    direct characterization
    indirect characterization
  • Question 12
    60 seconds
    Q. "Two out of three high school students fail to get enough sleep" is an example of:
    answer choices
  • Question 13
    60 seconds
    Q. Name the red part of the sentence.
    Jessica had a stomachache because she ate too many peanut butter cookies.
    answer choices
  • Question 14
    60 seconds
    Q. Little Johnny Wiggins fell down a well on the farm.  His family looked for him.  Finally, at sundown, Mr. Wiggins found Johnny.  He had been trapped in the well for three hours.
    CAUSE: Johnny Wiggins fell down a well.
    What was the EFFECT?
    answer choices
    He was trapped for three hours.
    His mother found him at sundown.
    He was visiting the farm.
  • Question 15
    60 seconds
    Q. having excessive or compulsive concern with something
    answer choices
  • Question 16
    60 seconds
    Q. indentured means
    answer choices
    a young woman or peasant girl
    a contract binding service on one person to another for a specific time
    serious and sincere
    small animals that are annoying or harmful
  • Question 17
    45 seconds
    Q. Winning the lottery sure made Marcus feel ___________________________.
    answer choices
  • Question 18
    60 seconds

    Which word means on the edge of something?

    answer choices





  • Question 19
    60 seconds

    subdue (someone or something) by force; to keep down

    answer choices





  • Question 20
    60 seconds

    Why is Integrity Important to an athlete?

    answer choices

    To be the best player

    To have positive behavior and positive spirit

    To win games

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