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Bacterial Transformation


10 questions

  • 1. Multiple Choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    What is competency for a cell?

    The insertion of a formed plasmid into the cell.

    The chemical process of switching the gene.

    Super coiled molecules formed in the plasmid of the cell.

    Change in the structure and permeability of the cell membrane.

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    How might a plasmid contribute to a selective advantage for a bacterial cell?

    Make the cell competent.

    Could provide a selective advantage for that cell.

    Make the cell wall stronger.

    Does not contribute

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    2 minutes
    1 pt

    What is transformation?

    The use of viruses to transform or genetically

    engineer cells.

    The measure of how well cells are transformed in a new phenotype.

    The insertion of a foreign plasmid into a bacterial cell which results in new acquired traits.

    Genetic engineering or transformation of mammalian cells.

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