Phylogeny and classification
9 months ago
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  • Question 1
    60 seconds
    Q. Two organisms that are closely related would have
    answer choices
    very similar DNA sequence
    exactly the same DNA sequences
    no proteins in common
    completely different DNA sequence
  • Question 2
    900 seconds
    Q. According to this cladogram, birds are LEAST related to -
    answer choices
    Ray Finned Fish
  • Question 3
    900 seconds
    Q. According to the diagram, which bird has the most similar DNA to a large tree finch?
    answer choices
    small tree finch
    medium tree finch
    large ground finch 
    green warbler finch
  • Question 4
    45 seconds
    Q. Phylogenetics is all about discovering... 
    answer choices
    which organisms are more closely related to each other
    which organisms have more adaptations
    adaptationswhere organisms live in the world
    which organisms are most fit for their environment
  • Question 5
    30 seconds
    Q. The largest level of classification that divides organisms as either eukaryotes, eubacteria or achaebacteria
    answer choices
  • Question 6
    60 seconds
    Q. Which of the lists below has all of the levels of classification in the correct order?
    answer choices
    Kingdom class phylum domain genus order species family
    Class Domain Phylum Kingdom Species Family Order Genus
    Kingdom Family Class Domain Order Phylum Genus Species
    Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
  • Question 7
    60 seconds
    Q. Scientific names are written using which two levels of classification?
    answer choices
    Kingdom phylum
    Kingdom class
    Species genus
    Genus species
  • Question 8
    60 seconds
    Q. Giving living things a two part name is called
    answer choices
    Binomial Nomenclature
    Kingdom Phylum
  • Question 9
    60 seconds
    Q. Which of the following levels of classification would have organisms that had the most in common?
    answer choices
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. Mold would belong to which kingdom?
    answer choices
  • Question 11
    30 seconds

    Which of these scientific names is written correctly?

    answer choices

    mephitis Mephitis

    Mephitis Mephitis

    mephitis mephitis

    Mephitis mephitis

  • Question 12
    45 seconds
    Q. Structures with the same parts have different functions; suggests that organisms share a common ancestry
    answer choices
    vestigial structures
    homologous structures
    adaptive radiation
  • Question 13
    900 seconds
    Q. According to this cladogram, birds are LEAST related to -
    answer choices
    Ray Finned Fish
  • Question 14
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the cladogram above?
    answer choices
    Species P and Q are equally related to species T.
    Species P and T do not share a common ancestor.
    Species S evolved from species R.
    Species S is more closely related to species T than to species R.
  • Question 15
    120 seconds
    Q. The diagram above shows an embryo of different vertebrates at different stages of development. Which field of study would support the similarities in development as evidence for evolution?
    answer choices
    comparative biochemistry
    comparative biogeography
    comparative embryology
  • Question 16
    900 seconds
    Q. If species A and B have very similar genes and proteins, what is probably TRUE?
    answer choices
    species A and B share a relatively recent common ancestor
    species A evolved independently of species B for a long period
    species A is younger than species B
    species A is older than species B
  • Question 17
    20 seconds
    Q. The science of describing, classifying, and naming living things is called:
    answer choices
  • Question 18
    900 seconds
    Q. Which organisms are most closely related?
    answer choices
    Equus caballas (Horse) & Equus burchellii (Zebra)
    Cyanea artica (Jellyfish) &
    Ctenodiscus crispatus (Mud Starfish)
    Naja naja (cobra) & Glycine max (soya bean)
    Ophiocomina nigra (black brittle star) & Brassica nigra (black mustard)
  • Question 19
    180 seconds
    Q. Kangaroos and opossums both incubate their immature in pouches. This means they -
    answer choices
    share a common ancestor
    possess vestigial organs
    have similar skeleltal structures
    belong to the same species
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