F. D. Roosevelt: First Inaugural Address
10 months ago
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  • Question 1
    120 seconds

    What words does Roosevelt use to describe the leaders who caused the country's financial problems?

    answer choices

    stubbornness, false leadership, no vision

    liars, cheaters, scoundrels

    peace-keepers, pacifists, promoters

    dishonest cheaters, murderers of peace

  • Question 2
    120 seconds

    What is the message Roosevelt sent the American people about the leaders who caused the financial crisis?

    answer choices

    He sends the message that the people will go to jail for their actions.

    He sends the message that the actions of these people and others like theme will no longer be tolerated.

  • Question 3
    120 seconds
    Q. "Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered because they believed and were not afraid, we still have much to be thankful for. " What does Roosevelt say about Americans from earlier periods in history? 
    answer choices
    They conquered hard times because they were not afraid. 
    They were afraid and had much to be thankful for. 
    Their gratitude made them conquer obstacles.  
  • Question 4
    120 seconds
    Q. What is the main thing Roosevelt wants his listeners to understand? 
    answer choices
    He will try to succeed for them. 
    He wants them to know together they can overcome these obstacles. 
    Fear will ruin the country.  
  • Question 5
    120 seconds
    Q. Identify which sentences use the persuasive technique parallel structure.  
    answer choices
    It is the way to recovery. It is the immediate way. It is the strongest way. 
    Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This nation asks for action, now.  
  • Question 6
    120 seconds

    Which of the following problem/solution structures best represents the speech?

    answer choices

    increase in prices of agricultural products...cities are overpopulated

    supervision of banking...supervise utilities

    cities are overpopulated...unify relief efforts

    increase in value of farm products...activities are scattered and uneconomical

  • Question 7
    120 seconds

    What can readers conclude about the American economy based on Roosevelt's speech?

    answer choices

    The economy is thriving thanks to the hard work of Americans.

    The workforce is diverse across industries and unemployment is down.

    Banks have helped many citizens and businesses overcome difficult financial times.

    Special programs are needed to help restore jobs and productivity.

  • Question 8
    120 seconds

    What is the best summary of how Roosevelt plans to put people to work?

    answer choices

    America should treat ow unemployment like war emergency and use military force when necessary. More regulations should govern banks.

    Taxes should be lowered and trade must improve. Transportation, communication, and utilities should be reorganized to help workers.

    The government should solve the problems of unemployment. Industry should focus on utilizing natural resources.

    The problem should be treated with urgency and with the help of the government. Using natural resources more effectively will help stimulate value, control costs, and advance trade.

  • Question 9
    120 seconds

    Which sentence suggests that Roosevelt is optimistic about America's future?

    answer choices

    This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly.

    This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.

    In such a spirit on my part and on yours we face our common difficulties.

    There are no lines of attack.

  • Question 10
    120 seconds

    The author includes the detailed description of banking most likely to

    answer choices

    explain the role that financial institutions play in a depressed economy.

    emphasize the difference between good and evil in lawmaking.

    demonstrate the importance of acting quickly

    highlight how Americans can save money for the future.

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