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  • Question 1
    30 seconds
    Q. What does Inference mean?
    answer choices
    finding details in a story
    Use clues and what you already know to come up with an idea
    Giving a reason for your answer
    Using what I know
  • Question 2
    60 seconds
    Q. To make an inference, we use evidence from the text, and our prior knowledge. 
    answer choices
  • Question 3
    900 seconds
    Q. Grandpa sees that his chocolate cake is all gone.  Brad has crumbs on his mouth. What do you think happened?
    answer choices
    Brad baked his own cake.
    Brad needs to brush his teeth better.
    Brad ate Grandpa's chocolate cake.
    Brad ate Grandpa
  • Question 4
    300 seconds
    Q. Gavin plays baseball and accidentally breaks a window.  How do you think he feels?
    answer choices
    He is scared of getting in trouble.
    He feels happy and excited he threw the ball so hard.
    He can't wait to break another window.
    He is thinking he should study his spelling words.
  • Question 5
    300 seconds
    Q. The desert if a very hot, dry place.  How might a coyote stay cool?
    answer choices
    Sleep during the day and hunt at night.
    Take a bath in the lake.
    Grow thicker fur.
    Build a home using a cactus.
  • Question 6
    300 seconds
    Q. Which detail tells you that Mrs. McCoy is hungry?
    answer choices
    Her eyes filling up with tears.
    She is limping around the room.
    She starts reading a book.
    Her stomach growls loudly.
  • Question 7
    300 seconds
    Q. Isabel's soccer team cheered.  The coach gave them a trophy.  What do you think happened?
    answer choices
    They missed the goal.
    The coach got kicked out of the game.
    They won the game.
    The other team won the game. 
  • Question 8
    300 seconds
    Q. Tate stamps his feet and crosses his arms.  How do you think he feels?
    answer choices
  • Question 9
    300 seconds
    Q. How might a character act if he felt sad?
    answer choices
    Put his head down and sigh
    Yell and jump up and down
    Smile and wave
    Laugh until his sides hurt
  • Question 10
    300 seconds
    Q. Nicole came out of the elevator in her apartment building. She ran to the curb and held up her arm to hail a taxi. When she hopped in, she said, “Please take me to 34545th Street.”
    You can infer that...
    answer choices
    Nicole's car is broken.
    Nicole is going on vacation.
    Nicole is going shopping.
    Nicole lives in a large city.
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