Tectonic Plates
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  • Question 1
    30 seconds

    Describe the most likely relationship between these mountains and nearby tectonic plates.

    answer choices

    The mountains are probably formed by earthquakes

    The mountains are probably formed by the movement of glaciers

    The mountains are probably located near the edge of 2 tectonic plates.

    The mountains are probably formed by running water.

  • Question 2
    30 seconds

    Is there a pattern to the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes around the globe?

    answer choices

    No, earthquakes and volcanoes are random.

    Yes, earthquakes and volcanoes usually occur near the boundaries of tectonic plates.

    yes, earthquakes and volcanoes usually occur in the middle of tectonic plates.

    No, earthquakes and volcanoes usually occur under water.

  • Question 3
    30 seconds

    Most earthquakes tend to occur at which location?

    answer choices

    The central regions of very large continents

    Groups of islands farthest from any continents

    The boundaries between continents and oceans

    The steep slopes of the very oldest mountains

  • Question 4
    30 seconds

    A map is provided that presents information on a certain region of the Earth. Based on the information on the map, at which location are mountains most likely to form?

    answer choices





  • Question 5
    30 seconds

    A map is provided that shows the location of the Aleutian Islands in comparison to some of Earth’s tectonic plates is provided. Based on the information provided, which of the following is most likely a feature of the Aleutian Islands?

    answer choices

    The climate is getting older.

    They were formed by volcanic activity.

    These islands are the oldest on Earth.

    Earthquakes do not occur there

  • Question 6
    30 seconds

    The Ring of Fire is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. What claim can be made about the Ring of Fire from this information?

    answer choices

    It is the only place on Earth where earthquakes can happen.

    The edges of the tectonic plates are moving in this area.

    It represents the areas where tectonic plates are the thickest.

    It has been getting larger since Earth first formed.

  • Question 7
    30 seconds

    Peru and Chile are part of South America, which sits on the South American tectonic plate. The Nazca plate is moving toward the South American plate. It is pushed downward, which causes it to slide under the South American plate. Based on this information, what feature could we expect to see off the coast of Peru and Chile?

    answer choices

    new Continent formation

    Poor fishing conditions

    Deep ocean trench

    Severe tropical storms

  • Question 8
    30 seconds

    A force caused the continents to drift apart over time. Once scientists figured out what that force was, the theory of plate tectonics was born! The image above shows what Geologists think the Earth looked like millions of years ago. What name was given to this land mass.

    answer choices

    Plate Tectonics



    North America

  • Question 9
    30 seconds

    Tectonic plates float on top of the ________

    answer choices



    Inner Core

    Outer Core

  • Question 10
    30 seconds

    We live in an area without many earthquakes because _____

    answer choices

    We live near a major fault line

    We live near the boundary of 2 tectonic plates

    We live near the middle of the North American Plate

    We live near the Pacific Plate

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