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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    Plays were performed in Pompeii everyday.


    False: plays were never performed in Pompeii

    False: Plays were performed once a week on Saturday

    False: Plays were performed at festivals.

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    People brought cushions to the plays because:

    They were important people who were allowed to bring cusions

    They wanted to throw them at bad actors

    They wanted to shade themselves from the sun

    The seats were made of stone and uncomfortable

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    The town councilors did not need to hurry to a play because:

    They were not invited to plays

    Their seats were reserved

    Others people would make room for them because they were important

    They were the only ones who were allowed to attend a play.

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