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    What is the purpose of a Hindu temple?

    to provide a space for Hindus to express their love of their deities

    to house the poor, care for the sick, and feed the hungry

    to offer protection to the local population from outside invaders

    to serve as the last resting place for Hindus who have died

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    Which statement about Hindu temples is true?

    Hindu temples are built according to ancient directions about their location and structure.

    Hindu temples can be built however the local population wishes.

    Hindu temples do not include images of their deities, because Hinduism forbids that.

    Hindu temples are all very simple in form, with no carvings or sculptures.

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    According to Hindu belief, Brahman

    is a supreme power, or divine force.

    includes everything in the world, including the human soul.

    is constantly creating, destroying, and re-creating the universe.

    all of these

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