Opinion Writing
2 years ago
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  • Question 1
    45 seconds

    What is an opinion?

    answer choices

    Something that can be proven

    The way you think or feel about a topic

  • Question 2
    45 seconds
    Q. What is the purpose of opinion writing?
    answer choices
    To tell a story
    To give directions and steps on how to do something
    To tell others what you think and persuade them to agree with you
  • Question 3
    45 seconds
    Q. We must introduce the _________ in our topic sentence.
    answer choices
  • Question 4
    45 seconds
    Q. In our topic sentence, we must also clearly state our ___________.
    answer choices
  • Question 5
    45 seconds
    Q. In opinion writing, we must use linking words and phrases to connect ____________ to ____________.
    answer choices
    opinions; reasons
    peanut butter; jelly
    title; conclusion
  • Question 6
    45 seconds
    Q. We must ____________ our reasons so they are grouped together.
    answer choices
  • Question 7
    45 seconds
    Q. Begin every body paragraph with...
    answer choices
    An introduction
    Background information
    A memory.
    A topic sentence. 
  • Question 8
    120 seconds

    What is the first step of any writing process?

    answer choices

    Proofread the writing.

    Write a draft.

    Plan using notes and or graphic organizers.

    Cite sources.

  • Question 9
    45 seconds
    Q. What do you call the last paragraph in an essay?
    answer choices
  • Question 10
    45 seconds
    Q. What do you call the first paragraph in an essay?
    answer choices
  • Question 11
    45 seconds
    Q. An Opinion piece should start with...
    answer choices
    A strong introduction.
    A big finish.
    A lot of catchy words.
  • Question 12
    45 seconds
    Q. An opinion essay is written to convince the reader...
    answer choices
    My opinion doesn't matter that much. 
    My opinion is just like others. 
    My opinion is right, and here are the reasons why. 
  • Question 13
    45 seconds
    Q. At the end of an opinion writing piece a good writer will...
    answer choices
    Reread it, but make no corrections. 
    Review it for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. 
    Turn it in. 
  • Question 14
    60 seconds

    To start your opinion writing you need _________.

    answer choices

    reasons for your opinion

    an opening sentence

    a gluten free cookie

    a closing sentence.

  • Question 15
    30 seconds
    Q. When you write an Opinion Essay, the writer should...
    answer choices
    make sure there are a lot of words
    dig in the text for examples to prove your opinion
    download one from the internet
  • Question 16
    30 seconds
    Q. In an opinion essay, one should develop ideas clearly and ...
    answer choices
    copy words from the text
    use your own words
    write a narrative story.
  • Question 17
    30 seconds
    Q. Which is NOT a transition
    answer choices
    To begin,
  • Question 18
    30 seconds
    Q. What is a hook in an essay?
    answer choices
    something used for fishing
    it grabs the readers attention
    it tells what the essay is going to be about 
    it ends the essay
  • Question 19
    30 seconds
    Q. What is a counterargument?
    answer choices
    The opposing viewpoint
    The writer's position that they are trying to prove
    Facts and statistics to support ideas
    Connects evidence to the claim
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