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If you want to build work experience directly after high school, you could...

answer choices

Start an entry-level job

Attend a four-year college

Find an apprenticeship

Volunteer once a year


Which of the following is true about a college education?

answer choices

College is the only way to get a stable high-paying job

College grads have higher lifetime earnings on average than HS grads

College grads have a higher rate of unemployment

More education is related to lower unemployment


Why would you ask for an informational interview?

answer choices

To learn more about why a job rejected you.

To negotiate your salary offer

To learn more about a career or industry

To improve your chances of getting hired


What is the difference between soft skills and hard skills?

answer choices

Hard skills are easily measurable; soft skills are "people skills"

Hard skills are more advanced than soft skills

In job postings, hard skills are "required" and soft skills are "preferred"

Soft skills are less important to employers because they're not technical


Soft skills are a valuable skill set to have. All of the following are soft skills EXCEPT...

answer choices

Speaking multiple languages



Critical thinking


What is best practice when using job boards to find a new job?

answer choices

Use job search filters and create alerts

Set up a profile on each of the top job boards

Auto-apply to as many positions as possible with one resume

Scroll through job postings without filters every morning


What should you do when attending a career fair?

answer choices

Give a 5-minute personal pitch so recruiters remember you

Prepare a resume and 30-second elevator pitch

Write a follow-up email to each recruiter

Drop off your resume at each table; recruiters don't have time to talk


All of the following are ways to build your professional network, EXCEPT...

answer choices

Have an "elevator pitch" ready, you may need it

Attend conferences or events related to your field

Stay off all types of social media

Connect & communicate with local professionals


All of the following are effective ways to use social media to find and land a job, EXCEPT...

answer choices

Network with other people in your industry

Keep your posts and information professional

Follow companies and organizations in your desired field

Criticize your current job to help network & find a new one


What is the purpose of using LinkedIn?

answer choices

To find honest reviews of an employer or business

To build a professional network and find jobs

To have personal access to industry leaders

To create specific profiles tailored to each job posting


A resume should include all of the following, EXCEPT

answer choices

Rationale for why you quit a previous job

Your previous employment experience & responsibilities

A highlight of your education experience

Your contact information


Which is true of an effective resume?

answer choices

It includes many details; the longer the resume, the better

It works for every job application, so you don't need multiple resumes

It uses key words and has a simple design

It features your photograph


How are your resume and cover letter related?

answer choices

Both should be handwritten detailed documents

Your cover letter highlights your personality and interest in the position, your resume is work history only

A cover letter includes entire work history, resume does not

Both include your signature to signify they're legitimate


Your cover letter should be one page in length and include...

answer choices

Two long paragraphs

Benefits you hope to get with this job

Your high school and college GPA, no matter what they are

Descriptions of your strongest qualifications for the job


Which question would be appropriate to ask during a job interview?

answer choices

Can you describe the requirements of this position?

Do you think you are going to hire me?

What will my salary be?

How many vacation and sick days am I allowed?


Which of the following are effective ways to prepare for an interview?

answer choices

Research the company

Prepare examples or samples of previous work

Arrive at least 60 minutes early

Plan questions to ask


A pre-tax employer sponsored retirement program is called...

answer choices

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA

Mutual Fund



What form is NOT typically completed when you start a new job?

answer choices

Form W-2

Form I-9

Benefit forms

Form W-4


Direct deposit is beneficial because...

answer choices

You are less likely to bounce checks

Your net pay is higher

You can automatically split money into multiple accounts

You endorse your paycheck for security


When asking for a raise, you should...

answer choices

Prepare evidence of your contributions to the company

Ask for 50% higher than the average market rate

Provide detailed information on your personal finances

Threaten to leave the company

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