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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt
    When is the concert? 
    Dec. 7th
    Dec. 13th
    Dec. 12th
    Dec. 9th
  • 2. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt
    Why is a performance important?
    Allows for creativity
    Showcases what has been learned
    Challenges you to pay close attention to detail
    All of the above 
  • 3. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt
    If you choose not to participate in the concert, what is the alternative assignment?
    You will perform in class instead for a grade
    You will be excused and not have to make anything up
    You will have a written assignment 
    You have to take a 0 and won't be given an alternative assignment 
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