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Biology 1st Quarter Common Assessment


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    The papaya mealybug is a pest that poses a threat to many tropical plants.  Which fate of the mealybug would result from the inability of the species to reproduce?
    The species would mutate
    The species would increase
    The species would become extinct
    The species would continue to thrive.
  • 2. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    Which abiotic factor limits the altitude at which plants can grow?
    the presence of a parasite
    the temperature of the area
    the presence of herbivorous animals
    the concentration of microbes in the soil
  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    Recently there was a large fire that swept across the mountains in southern California.  Even though most of the black-tail deer that lived in the area are thought to have escaped the fire, this year the number of deer living in the area is much lower.  What factor would best explain the smaller population of the deer?
    There are now many more predators in the area
    There is less food for the deer so they moved out
    The deer are  having more offspring which attracts predators
    The deer were killed by hunters as they ran aways from the fire
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