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Letter to Viceroy, Lord Irwin


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    45 seconds
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    What does Gandhi see as the obstacle standing in the way of negotiations between India and Britain?
    India’s overwhelming poverty
    Britain’s present form of government
    India’s party of violence
    Britain’s economic exploitation of India
  • 2. Multiple Choice
    45 seconds
    1 pt
    In line 52, Gandhi uses the word conversion in the sentence "I have deliberately used the word conversion" to mean that he wants the British to have an
    epiphany, or realization, about what they have done wrong.
    understanding of the principles of Hinduism.
    incentive, or impetus, to use nonviolence instead of violence.
    action plan for India’s self-rule in the future.
  • 3. Multiple Choice
    45 seconds
    1 pt
    You can tell that Gandhi has a realistic grasp of actions Britain might take when he says
    “This letter is not in any way intended as a threat.” 
    “Many think that non-violence is not an active force.”
    “It is, I know, open to you to frustrate my design by arresting me.”
    “You have unnecessarily laid stress upon the communal problems that unhappily affect this land.”
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