A Hardworking Cat
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    300 seconds
    Q. Read this sentence from paragraph 4.
    Instead of paying Tama with money, the company pays her with cat food.
    This sentence helps the reader know that the train company —
    answer choices
    treats Tama well.
    has too much food.
    does not think Tama looks healthy.
    wants to find a new home for Tama.
  • Question 2
    300 seconds
    Q. Throughout the selection, the author describes Tama as being —
    answer choices
  • Question 3
    300 seconds
    Q. Why did the train company decide to operate the station without workers?
    answer choices
    The train company was unable to find a person who wanted the job of stationmaster.
    The people who came to the train station were there only to see the stationmaster cat.
    The train station was located in an area where people did not want to work.
    The train company was not earning enough money to pay people.
  • Question 4
    300 seconds
    Q. Tama has been given two cat assistants because she —
    answer choices
    is too busy to work
    is too famous to work
    needs more time to rest
    needs more time to eat
  • Question 5
    300 seconds
    Q. The reader can tell that Tama is allowed to stay at the station because she —
    answer choices
    cares for other cats
    walks people to the train
    sits inside the ticket booth
    attracts more passengers
  • Question 6
    300 seconds
    Q. In paragraph 7, the word promoted means —
    answer choices
    finished with a task
    discussed by others
    required to work more hours
    given a better job
  • Question 7
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence shows that people are interested in learning about Tama?
    answer choices
    She spent most of her time at Kishi Station.
    She walks around the station in her uniform and greets passengers.
    Tama has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles as well as on television shows and in video clips.
    From stray cat to famous stationmaster, life is sweet for Tama!
  • Question 8
    300 seconds
    Q. In what way does Tama’s presence at the train station help the nearby town?
    answer choices
    People in the town want to work at the train station.
    People in the town enjoy taking pictures with the visitors.
    People who come to see Tama often spend money in the town.
    People who come to see Tama want to move to the town.
  • Question 9
    300 seconds
    Q. The author wrote this selection most likely to —
    answer choices
    show the reader how cats are different from other animals
    explain why some stray cats like to be around people
    share an opinion about why cats make great pets
    inform the reader about a special cat that lives in an unusual place
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