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  • Question 1
    180 seconds
    Q. Before the 1800's people didn't have right or left shoes.  They had shoes of just one shape that they used for both feet.  When people first saw right and left shoes, they laughed.  They called them "crooked shoes."  "What a silly idea," they said.  You can tell that shoes before 1800:
    answer choices
    were pretty
    didn't look alike
    didn't fit very well
  • Question 2
    180 seconds
    Q. Tim looked out the window. The house looked so lonely. Tim's father put the last suitcase in the trunk and started up the car. Thor, his dog, put his head on Tim's lap, like he understood how  Tim was feeling. "It's okay Thor," he said, "Dad says we will like California." What is happening?
    answer choices
    Tim is sad because his dog doesn't have a house to live in.
    Tim is taking a trip to visit peolpe he doesn't know.
    Tim is taking Thor to live with his grandmother.
    Tim is moving to California with his family.
  • Question 3
    180 seconds
    Q. Joseph and Caitlin were choosing the players for their teams. It was Caitlin's turn to choose, and only Jason was left. Caitlin said, "Jason."

    We can infer that…
    answer choices
    Jason was the best player.
    Caitlin wanted Jason on her team.
    Jason was not a very good player.
    Caitlin had a hard time choosing a team member.
  • Question 4
    180 seconds
    Q. Many breeds of dogs are used for work. In many cultures dogs are used to herd sheep. The dogs keep the flock from being attacked by animals such as wolves. They also keep sheep from wandering off. Sheepdogs are known for their loyalty and gentleness. Based on your reading of the text, you can INFER that:
    answer choices
    Sheepdogs are not very smart dogs.
    Sheepdogs are gentle and loyal.
    There are many breeds of dogs.
    Wolves are afraid of sheepdogs.
  • Question 5
    60 seconds
    Q. I have a head and a tail. My favorite number is one. I am made of copper. I am lucky if you pick me up. What am I?
    answer choices
    four leaf clover
  • Question 6
    180 seconds
    Q. As I walked in the door, I was amazed at the beautiful colors and smells. I knew it would be hard to decide what I would buy with my $3. The chocolate truffles looked delicious, but they were expensive. The jelly beans were not only cheaper, but so colorful! With so much to choose from, I knew I would be here a long time. Where am I?
    answer choices
    Gas station
    Candy store
    Grocery store
    Shoe store
  • Question 7
    180 seconds
    Q. Rachel was on her way to volunteer at the animal shelter.  She was very excited!  She really liked dogs.  Her brother was allergic to dogs, however, so she was rarely around them.  Rachel had a lot of fun playing with the puppies.  But after her shift, itchy bumps appeared on her arms.
    It is likely that:
    answer choices
    Mosquitoes bit Rachel
    Rachel is allergic to dogs, too
    Rachel fell in poison ivy
  • Question 8
    60 seconds
    Q. An inference is...
    answer choices
    Text evidence + what you know
    Retelling a text
    Making a guess without evidence
    Information written directly into the text.
  • Question 9
    60 seconds
    Q. When making an inference, the most important thing is...
    answer choices
    What you know about the topic
    The topic of the text
    The characters in the text
    Being able to prove your inference using evidence from the text.
  • Question 10
    180 seconds
    Q. Mike had fun hiking in the woods and doing crafts.  He also really enjoyed the campfire sing-a-long and had made a lot of new friends. Still, he was glad that tomorrow he would be going home.
    Where is Mike?
    answer choices
    at camp
    at a slumber party
    on a picnic
    in California 
  • Question 11
    180 seconds
    Q. Mr. Martin looked at his watch.  Then, he took a bus list out of his bag and looked at it for a moment.  A few minutes later, he looked at his watch again and sighed.
    Why does Mr. Martin keep looking at his watch?
    answer choices
    the bus is late
    his watch is broken
    his watch is cool
    his car is out of gas
  • Question 12
    180 seconds
    Q. Tiffany held her breath as her teacher returned the math test the class had taken last week.  Tiffany had not studied very hard or long for the test, and she was worried about her grade.  Her teacher handed Tiffany her test.  Tiffany groaned and put her head down on her desk.
    It is likely that:
    answer choices
    Tiffany earned a bad grade on the test
    Tiffany received a good grade on the test
    Tiffany is tired
    Tiffany is angry at her teacher
  • Question 13
    300 seconds
    Q. My dog Jack is very friendly, and he likes to be around people. Yesterday, our neighbors were having a party, and we all went over to cookout and swim at their house. We could hear Jack barking loudly from our backyard. After a little while, he got quiet, so we thought he had finally calmed down. But, several minutes later, all of the adults start laughing, and I see a black blur and hear a giant splash at the other end of the pool. Why was Jack barking?
    answer choices
    He wanted to be at the party
    The neighbors were making too much noise
    He was hungry
    He wanted to go outside
  • Question 14
    60 seconds
    Q. What does Inference mean?
    answer choices
    finding details in a story
    Use clues and what you already know to come up with an idea
    Giving a reason for your answer
    Using what I know
  • Question 15
    120 seconds
    Q. Maggie was getting ready to walk to school. She put on her coat and grabbed her backpack. As she was leaving, her mother said, “I love you. Be careful."
    You can infer that...
    answer choices
    Maggie is in kindergarten or first grade.
    Maggie lives close to school.
    Maggie is never late for school.
    Maggie is excited about going to school .
  • Question 16
    180 seconds
    Q. Josie is reading the book Island of the Blue Dolphins.  It is about a girl who was stranded alone on a deserted island.  In order to survive, she had to learn how to hunt and fish.  She had to take care of herself in every way.  Josie can't put the book down. 
    It is likely that:
    answer choices
    The book is interesting
    Josie likes the book
    Both a and b are correct
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