Dog of the Sea Waves
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    900 seconds
    Q. The boy guided his mom into the parking spot
    answer choices
    helped steer in the correct direction
    decided to build a cake
    destroy the lava lamp
    angle of depression
  • Question 2
    900 seconds
    Q. Hundreds of fish swim in the bay.
    answer choices
    large tank
    body of water
    shore of a lake
    secret fishing spot
  • Question 3
    900 seconds
    Q. The volcano was surrounded by red hot lava.
    answer choices
    melted rock
    delicious tea
    angry people
    valuable metal
  • Question 4
    900 seconds
    Q. The parade will start after the mayor's arrival.
    answer choices
    getting well
    having and idea
    making a speech
    getting to a place
  • Question 5
    900 seconds
    Q. The travelers climbed aboard the train.
    answer choices
  • Question 6
    900 seconds
    Q. Isaac packed his suitcase for the long voyage.
    answer choices
  • Question 7
    900 seconds
    Q. The jump rope was twisted and hard to use.
    answer choices
    tied together
    heavy and fat
    fun to jump with
    a tornado
  • Question 8
    900 seconds
    Q. She spotted a lion hiding behind a tree during the safari.
    answer choices
    saw or found
    alphabet soup
    got the lion's babies
  • Question 9
    900 seconds
    Q. The fishermen dropped the boat's anchor so they could remain in their favorite fishing spot.
    answer choices
    fishing poles
    sea waves
    a heavy device used to keep ships in one place
    broken struddles
  • Question 10
    900 seconds
    Q. The water fountain rippled when the little boy threw in a penny.
    answer choices
    made tiny waves
    formed HUGE waves
    made loud noises
    had noses
  • Question 11
    900 seconds
    Q. What was the name of the seal?
    answer choices
    Dog of Hawaii
    Dog of the Sea Waves
  • Question 12
    900 seconds
    Q. What did Manu like best?
    answer choices
    He liked the sea.
    He liked the volcano.
    He liked the birds.
    He missed his home.
  • Question 13
    900 seconds
    Q. Why did the author have non fiction pictures of animals and plants in this story?
    answer choices
    To show readers some of the special creatures and plants that live in Hawaii
    to show animals that are scared of volcanoes
    I see water and a volcano.
    To show readers that the animals have become extinct.
  • Question 14
    900 seconds
    Q. Why is Manu homesick at the beginning of the story?
    answer choices
    He misses the coconuts, the bananas, the sweet potatoes, pigs, chickens, and cows of his homeland.
    He had his feelings hurt by Opua, who told him that he couldn't help.
    The streams and lagoons rippled with fish; he disliked the taste of fish.
    The seal never came back and made him sad.
  • Question 15
    900 seconds
    Q. What event force the brothers into the water?
    answer choices
    a tsunami
    a volcanic eruption
    a sea storm
    Dog of the Sea Waves attacked the brothers.
  • Question 16
    900 seconds
    Q. Who rescued Manu from drowning at the end of the story?
    answer choices
    Dog of the Sea Waves
  • Question 17
    900 seconds
    Q. What real Hawaiian animal is featured on page 325? 
    answer choices
    Weiku Bug
    Happy Face Spider
    Dragon Moray
    Pompom Crab
  • Question 18
    900 seconds
    Q. What do you think Manu would tell his friends about his Hawaiian adventure? 
    answer choices
    He would talk about how Hawaii has big volcanoes and spiders.
    He would talk about his brothers making him work so hard.
    He would talk about Dog of the Sea Waves, and how he helped the seal get better. He would also love to talk about how the seal saved him.
    He would talk about his love of coconuts and lambchops
  • Question 19
    900 seconds
    Q. What does the prefix un mean?
    answer choices
    not or opposite
    to do over again
    to untie something
  • Question 20
    900 seconds
    Q. What does the prefix re mean?
    answer choices
    to do over again or repeat
    a noise made by birds
    to film something
    opposite or not
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