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  • Question 1
    900 seconds
    Q. Before the 1800's people didn't have right or left shoes.  They had shoes of just one shape that they used for both feet.  When people first saw right and left shoes, they laughed.  They called them "crooked shoes."  "What a silly idea," they said.  You can tell that shoes before 1800:
    answer choices
    were pretty
    didn't look alike
    didn't fit very well
  • Question 2
    900 seconds
    Q. Tim looked out the window. The house looked so lonely. Tim's father put the last suitcase in the trunk and started up the car. Thor, his dog, put his head on Tim's lap, like he understood how  Tim was feeling. "It's okay Thor," he said, "Dad says we will like California." What is happening?
    answer choices
    Tim is sad because his dog doesn't have a house to live in.
    Tim is taking a trip to visit peolpe he doesn't know.
    Tim is taking Thor to live with his grandmother.
    Tim is moving to California with his family.
  • Question 3
    900 seconds
    Q. Joseph and Caitlin were choosing the players for their teams. It was Caitlin's turn to choose, and only Jason was left. Caitlin said, "Jason."

    We can infer that…
    answer choices
    Jason was the best player.
    Caitlin wanted Jason on her team.
    Jason was not a very good player.
    Caitlin had a hard time choosing a team member.
  • Question 4
    900 seconds
    Q. Many breeds of dogs are used for work. In many cultures dogs are used to herd sheep. The dogs keep the flock from being attacked by animals such as wolves. They also keep sheep from wandering off. Sheepdogs are known for their loyalty and gentleness. Based on your reading of the text, you can INFER that:
    answer choices
    Sheepdogs are not very smart dogs.
    Sheepdogs are gentle and loyal.
    There are many breeds of dogs.
    Wolves are afraid of sheepdogs.
  • Question 5
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence from the selection shows that the pet is a cat?
    answer choices
    Bryan had to feed his pet every day.
    Bryan had to take his pet outside right away after school.
    It was Bryan's job to clean out the litter box every 3 days.
    Bryanʼs pet never bites.
  • Question 6
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence from the selection suggests that Suzy likes to play basketball?
    answer choices
    Suzy's mom makes Suzy practice basketball every day.
    Suzy looks forward to her basketball games.
    Suzy scored 5 points in her last basketball game.
    Suzy and her mom get ice cream after her basketball games.
  • Question 7
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence from the selection supports that the computer was not working properly?
    answer choices
    Rita took three hours to finish her homework.
    Ritaʼs homework was not finished.
    Rita had to write out her story instead of typing it.
    Ritaʼs homework was not done correctly.
  • Question 8
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence suggests that Joanna rode her bike to school?
    answer choices
    Joannaʼs hair was a little messy when she got to school.
    Joanna crossed three streets on her way to school.
    Joanna went four blocks on her way to school.
    Joanna had to put her helmet inside the classroom closet.
  • Question 9
    300 seconds
    Q. Which sentence supports that Jack is feeling sleepy?
    answer choices
    Jack went to bed late because he was at a birthday party.
    Jackʼs eyes were droopy and his eyelids felt really heavy.
    Jack put his head down on the desk.
    Jack was not paying attention to the lesson.
  • Question 10
    300 seconds
    Q. Which of the following shows why Sam refused to play in the tournament?
    answer choices
    SAM: Yeah, I think so, too.
    SAM: Why? Because I 'm a girl?
    SAM: Oh, I don't think so.
    SAM: You wouldn't appreciate my talents, since I'm a girl!
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