Saint Patrick's Day
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    20 seconds
    Q. When is St Patrick's Day?
    answer choices
    on the 3rd of May
    on the 11th of August
    on the 17th of March
    on the 1st of April
  • Question 2
    20 seconds
    Q. Where do people celebrate the day?
    answer choices
    in Scotland
    in Ireland 
    in many places in Europe and America
    in Germany and Austria
  • Question 3
    20 seconds
    Q. Why is it the 17th of March?
    answer choices
    people found a shamrock plant then
    there was a war on that day
    st Patrick died on that day
    the queen ordered it
  • Question 4
    20 seconds
    Q. Who was Patrick?
    answer choices
    an English king
    a bishop
    a photographer
    a farmer
  • Question 5
    20 seconds
    Q. What job did he do first?
    answer choices
    of a sheperd
    of a farmer
    of a sailor
    of a musician
  • Question 6
    20 seconds
    Q. Why did he come to Ireland again?
    answer choices
    He needed money
    He loved a girl from Ireland
    He was running away 
    He heard God's voice in a dream
  • Question 7
    20 seconds
    Q. What was he doing in Ireland?
    answer choices
    Working on a farm
    Studying about God
    Had a family and children
    Building churches and teaching about God
  • Question 8
    20 seconds
    Q. What do we celebrate with St Patrick's Day today?
    answer choices
    Irish culture and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland
    spring coming soon
    Irish kings
    Irish food and whiskey
  • Question 9
    20 seconds
    Q. What is the symbol of st Patrick's Day?
    answer choices
    a horseshoe
    a shamrock
    a sheep
    a rose
  • Question 10
    20 seconds
    Q. What colour symbolizes this day? 
    answer choices
  • Question 11
    20 seconds
    Q. What is the new trend today on 17th March?
    answer choices
    people get presents in green boxes
    people go to work in green clothes
    people paint places green
    people eat green food
  • Question 12
    20 seconds
    Q. Who is Leprechaun?
    answer choices
    a child from a story
    st Patrick's father
    the president of Belfast
    a dwarf from Ireland
  • Question 13
    20 seconds
    Q. Who started the tradition of green beer?
    answer choices
    Irish immigrants to the USA
    Irish people long time ago
    saint Patrick
    queen Elizabeth II
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