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3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    10 seconds
    Q. Hi, my name is Daniel Zarif! I would like to tell you about my day.
    I get up at ________ in the morning. 
    answer choices
    4 o'clock
    5 o'clock
    6 o'clock
    7 o'clock
  • Question 2
    10 seconds
    Q. After the shower, I ________ for school. I wear my school uniform and put on a pair of clean socks.
    answer choices
    go to sleep
    have breakfast
    cook breakfast
    get dressed
  • Question 3
    10 seconds
    Q. Then, I have my breakfast. I like to eat ____________ because a good breakfast is important to start the day. 
    answer choices
    a bowl of cereal
    a slice of cake
    a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk
    fried eggs and bread
  • Question 4
    10 seconds
    Q. My father sends me and my sister __________ by car before he goes to work. 
    answer choices
    to the office
    to school
    to the kindergarden
    to the shopping mall
  • Question 5
    10 seconds
    Q. In school, I learn many subjects for examples English, Mathematic and Science. I __________ because I want to get good grades.
    answer choices
    play a lot
    run a lot
    sleep a lot
    study hard
  • Question 6
    30 seconds
    Q. I need to study hard because I want to an astronaut _________________. 
    answer choices
    when I grow old
    when I grow young
    when I stop growing
    when I grow up
  • Question 7
    10 seconds
    Q. After lunch, I go to Agama class.  I learn ___________ with my teachers and friends. 
    answer choices
    Arabic and Science
    Arabic and Mathematics
    Arabic and the Quran
    Arabic and English
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. In the evening, I like to __________with my friends at the park. It is very fun and I like the sport very much.
    answer choices
    play the swings
    play hopscotch
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. I have pet fish. I _____________ when I come back from the park. I put the fish food in the aquarium.
    answer choices
    feed my cats
    feed my pet hamsters
    feed my pet fish
    feed my mouth
  • Question 10
    10 seconds
    Q. At night, I like to ___________.  Then, prepare my books for school the next day. 
    answer choices
    play chess
    play computer games
    complete my homework
    read a superhero comic 
  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. After that, I brush my teeth, wash my feet and get ready for bed. By _____________ I am ready to go to sleep. 
    answer choices
    8 o'clock
    9 o'clock
    11 o'clock
    12 o'clock
  • Question 12
    30 seconds
    Q. I usually _________ because I  like to wake up early in the morning. I feel fresh and energised for school.
    answer choices
    get up early
    get up late
    sleep early
    sleep late
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