Women in Aviation
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    60 seconds
    Q. What was Harriet Quimby’s distinction?
    answer choices
    She was the first woman in the world to earn a pilot's license.
    she was the first American woman to become a licensed pilot.
    She was the first American woman to make a solo balloon flight.
    She said, "Flying is easier than voting."
  • Question 2
    60 seconds
    Q. Why did Bessie Coleman go to France to learn to fly?
    answer choices
    The cost of flight school was less.
    She knew how to speak French.
    Racial prejudice was less restrictive.
    The best instructors were in France.
  • Question 3
    60 seconds
    Q. According to the authors, why did the United States lag behind Europe in developing a strongaviation program?
    answer choices
    There was less racial prejudice in Europe.
    The United States was the birthplace of flight.
    African-Americans went to Europe to be trained as pilots.
    European leaders understood the commercial and military advantages.
  • Question 4
    60 seconds
    Q. What factor contributed to the deaths of both Harriet Quimby and Bessie Coleman?
    answer choices
    giving flying exhibitions.
    attempting to break a record.
    lack of safety precautions.
    lack of strength and presence of mind.
  • Question 5
    60 seconds
    Q. Which statement best reveals the authors’ perspective on their topic?
    answer choices
    "American aviation was from its very beginnings marred with sexist and racist assumptions."
    "The story of women in aviation actually goes back to the time of the hot-air balloons."
    "Though she did not fly, Katherine Wright was a major supporter of her brothers' efforts."
    "The strict rules and regulations that govern aviation today didn't exist during the first three decades of flying."
  • Question 6
    60 seconds
    Q. What does it mean to inundate?
    answer choices
    to make uncomfortable
    to overwhelm
    to underestimate
    to create confusion
  • Question 7
    60 seconds
    Q. restrictive policy is very
    answer choices
  • Question 8
    60 seconds
    Q. An exhibition is a type of
    answer choices
  • Question 9
    60 seconds
    Q. A precaution is something done to
    answer choices
    save money.
    prepare for the future.
    avoid danger.
    improve performance.
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. the author's reason for writing
    answer choices
    author's purpose
  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. comes from the ideas and feelings associated with the word
    answer choices
  • Question 12
    30 seconds
    Q. the literal dictionary meaning of a word
    answer choices
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