Charles by Shirley Jackson
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    30 seconds
    Q. According to Laurie, Charles hit his teacher because she tried to make him 
    answer choices
    use a red crayon
    stay after school
    do stretching exercises
    wash his mouth out with soap 
  • Question 2
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following is the best summary of passage Charles? 
    answer choices
    A woman is upset with her son's behavior. 
    A kindergarten boy causes lots of trouble and surprises
    Parents support teachers by disciplining children. 
    A young boy tells his mother about a rowdy kindergartner in his class. 
  • Question 3
    30 seconds
    Q. The author gives all of the following clues to show a change in Laurie's behavior EXCEPT
    answer choices
    that he does not stop to wave 
    the way he dresses 
    the things he says to his parents
    the notes he brings home from his teacher 
  • Question 4
    30 seconds
    Q. What is the shocking discovery that Laurie's mother makes when she meets Laurie's teacher?
    answer choices
    Charles's behavior is even worse than Laurie had described 
    Laurie and Charles are the same person. 
    Laurie's behavior has been almost as bad as Charles's
    Charles has left the school 
  • Question 5
    30 seconds
    Q. Which phrase best describes Laurie?
    answer choices
    sickeningly sweet
    an excellent student
    devilishly clever 
    an innocent victim 
  • Question 6
    30 seconds
    Q. What was the author's main purpose for writing this passage?
    answer choices
    to tell an amusing story 
    to teach an important lesson 
    to descibe how kindergarten students behave
    to persuade parents to become involved in schools 
  • Question 7
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following is true of Laurie?
    answer choices
    Laurie is a trickster 
    Laurie is an only child 
    Laurie is the teacher's pet 
    Laurie has no trouble at school
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. Whose perspective is the story told from?
    answer choices
    Charles's teacher
    Charles's mother
    Charles's father 
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. What happens to Charles in the middle of the story?
    answer choices
    He gets suspended from school
    He begins to help the teacher 
    He hits Laurie in the stomach
    He comes over to play with Laurie 
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. How do Laurie's parents feel about Charles?
    answer choices
    They think he is exactly the sort of friend Laurie should have.
    They feel he is so dangerous that they call the principal to complain. 
    They don't have strong feelings about him one way or the other. 
    They worry about his influence on Laurie. 
  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. Laurie's mother wants to meet Charles's mother because 
    answer choices
    Laurie's mother wants to invite her over for tea
    Laurie's mother wants to complain to her about Charles's behavior .
    Laurie's mother is curious about the mother of such a troublemaker. 
    Laurie's mother feels she has a lot in common with Charles's mother. 
  • Question 12
    30 seconds
    Q. Why do you think Laurie created the imaginary boy Charles?
    answer choices
    to keep from getting in trouble for his actions 
    to gain attention from his stories 
    both to gain attention and to keep from getting in trouble 
    none of these 
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