Progressive Era
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    180 seconds
    Q. When was the Progressive Era?
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  • Question 2
    180 seconds
    Q. What amendment provided suffrage for women (1920)?
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  • Question 3
    180 seconds
    Q. Who wrote the expose piece of literature that revealed the extensive corrupt monopolistic business practices of Standard Oil?
    answer choices
    Ida Tarbell
    Lewis Hines 
    Jacob Riis
    Upton Sinclair
  • Question 4
    180 seconds
    Q. Whose book led to the direct passage of the Meat Inspection Act and indirect of the Pure Food and Drug Acts?
    answer choices
    Jacob Riis
    Lewis Hines
    Ida Tarbell
    Upton Sinclair
  • Question 5
    180 seconds
    Q. What anti monopoly law made all"combinations, contracts, and conspiracies" that restrained free trade illegal (1890)?
    answer choices
    Interstate Commerce Act
    Sherman Antitrust Act
    Clayton Antitrust Act
    Keller-Cefauver Act
  • Question 6
    180 seconds
    Q. Who was the person who founded the settlement house (Hull House) for the Assimilation and Americanization of the immigrant poor?
    answer choices
    Elixabeth Cady Stanton
    Jane Addams
    Susan B. Anthony
    Belle Starr
  • Question 7
    30 seconds
    Q. Which Progressive President used Big Stick Diplomacy and was known as a Trust buster?
    answer choices
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson
    Luke Skywalker
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following is an initiative?
    answer choices
    People have the right to remove a politician from office
    People have the right to choose who will run for President
    People have the right to propose a new law
    People have the right to veto or accept a law passed by the government
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. This person helped to found the NAACP
    answer choices
    Ida B Wells
    Booker T Washington
    W E B DuBois
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Question 10
    120 seconds
    Q. Key Reforms of the Progressive Era
    ·  Initiative
    ·  Referendum
    ·  Recall
    ·  Direct Primary
    ·  17th Amendment

    How did the reforms listed above impact America?
    answer choices
    A system of separate schools for new immigrants
    They gave citizens a greater voice in the democratic process of government
    More sources of revenue and taxes in state governments.
    They successfully brought economic relief to the urban working class
  • Question 11
    20 seconds
    Q. Writers that dig up the bad things going on in society
    answer choices
  • Question 12
    20 seconds
    Q. Banned people from making, drinking or selling alcohol
    answer choices
    17th Amendment
    18th Amendment
    19th Amendment
    21st Amendment
  • Question 13
    30 seconds
    Q. Progressive President who was endorsed originally by Roosevelt (who later runs against him), disliked the presidency, busted up trusts and  monopolies
    answer choices
    William H. Taft
    Woodrow Wilson
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Chester A. Arthur
  • Question 14
    30 seconds
    Q. 1906- Wrote The Jungle which exposed the conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry. (Helped pass the Pure Food and Drug Act) 
    answer choices
    Upton Sinclair 
    Lincoln Steffens 
    Jacob Riis 
    Frank Norris 
  • Question 15
    30 seconds
    Q. 17th Amendment-
    answer choices
    Banned sale, distribution and manufacture of alcohol
    required direct election of US Senators
    established the Income Tax
    Gave women suffrage rights
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