Claims, Reasoning, & Evidence - Oh My!
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    45 seconds
    Q. What is the best definition for claim?
    answer choices
    A statement you believe to be false.
    A statement you believe to be true. 
    Evidence that proves something right
    An opinion
  • Question 2
    120 seconds

    What does Evidence mean?

    answer choices

    All scientific data that supports your claim

    An opinion

    Statement you believe to be true

    A statement of an opposing argument

  • Question 3
    45 seconds
    Q. What does Reasoning mean?
    answer choices
    A solid and reasonable argument
    A written response to a claim
    An explanation that connects your evidence back to the claim
    An opinion you believe in
  • Question 4
    30 seconds
    Q. According to the American Health Association, peanut butter is a great source of protein.
    answer choices
  • Question 5
    120 seconds

    Peanut butter is a terrific snack.

    answer choices



  • Question 6
    45 seconds
    Q. Which statement is relevant evidence?
    answer choices
    My family has a computer at home.
    My son loves Star Wars.
    In a recent study, 78% of students like community service.
    I believe that the steelers are the best football team in the NFL
  • Question 7
    30 seconds
    Q. What are good examples of Evidence to help support your claim?
    answer choices
    Research and survey results
    Expert opinions
    All of the above
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. What is strong evidence? 
    answer choices
  • Question 9
    180 seconds
    Q. Which piece of evidence could be used to BEST support this claim:
    High school students should be required to wear uniforms.
    answer choices
    When adding everything up, a school uniform could end up costing more than $200.
    A student reported, "Allowing us to wear our own clothes gives us a chance to show our unique style and independence."
    At one school that recently required students to wear uniforms, attendence rates went up, and behavior incidents went down.
    School uniforms can be ordered online .
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. Most students participate in extracurricular activities and do not have time for community service.
    answer choices
    Claim statement
    Reasoning statement
    Evidence statement
    None of the above
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